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    March 5, 2014

    I currently have an 8th grader at TCMS, I've had 2 other students attend this school that are now in High School. Our experience has been nothing but positive, they prepared and challenge my students to excel academically. As any parent knows not all kids are the same and one of my boys needed additionaly help with some of his core subjects. His first year as a 6 grader he received a 600 on his reading SOL, something I would've never imagined, that says a lot about teachers and administration. The teachers are committed, encouraging and will motivate students to challenge themselves. If any student is having difficulty with the curriculum they will make any necessary adjustments, give them help during lunch, before or after school they take pride in their students success everyone goes above and beyond to help students by teaching in a collaborative environment. Administration does a terrific job instilling a sense of community within the school, always supportive of their staff and fair to the students. I disagree with the parents who had negative comments directed at administration and the shool.

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    February 24, 2014

    I currently have a seventh grader at Tomahawk. This is my third child to attend this school, all in gifted honors. Our experience has been very positive. The teachers have been amazing and my older two were very well prepared for high school. As for the comments about the administration, I totally disagree with the negative feedback. The adminisrtation runs a "tight ship" which I believe is important when dealing with students in this age group. They are fair and expect all students to follow the rules. The rules and expectations are clear and I simply expect my kids to abide by them. I try to teach accountability and respect for authority. The students need to learn to be responsible for their decisions and to handle situations on their own. As the parent of a senior in high school I will tell you these are important lessons. I have stressed to my kids that they may not understand all rules or decisions but that they are in place to help ALL of the students. I would never want the repsonsibilty of 1200 middle school students to be placed on me. The teachers and administrators, are doing a fantastic job of preparing these students for the next level.

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    December 20, 2013

    This is coming from a STUDENT! Not one of the parents who listen to whatever their child says and thinks that their child is perfect. We do not go to school to do anything but learn. I myself have had many interactions (none that were bad) and I have not seen them act unfairly to me or any other student in the school. There is a handbook for a reason. Just because the administration abides by it does not mean that they are unfair. They try to make it one of the best working environments, and it is. Please keep in mind that the other people that have given reviews below did not give you their child's full record. You do not know what other behavioral problems they have. I hope you enjoy TCMS. Be sure to check out their app!! I have it and it is very cool!! -TCMS Student

    October 22, 2013

    I agree with the other parents on here that say the administration is horrible!! They are biased in the way they deal with the kids. They use the dress code to "BULLY" the kids they dislike. My daughter was wearing a skirt that was LESS than 1/4 inches shorter than the policy and they made an issue of it. When I went to the school to pick her up one day I saw SEVERAL students wearing much shorter skirts. When I questioned this I was told they cant measure everyone's skirt length, but a teacher took the time to measure my kid!! I guess the message here is that they dislike your child they will find a way to BULLY them. Good luck talking to the principal..he will not deal with angry parents, he passes them to the assistant principal , who is egotistical and rude to deal with and hides behind the "Handbook policies" when it is convenient to do so. These administrators need to make this a warm atmosphere for learning, not an arena for puffing out their chests and declaring they are the law of the land and how dare anyone question their authority.. there is not much room for understanding and encouraging kids to feel good about themselves under this type of egotistical managing.

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    June 4, 2013

    The test scores for this school indicate that it is an excellent school. However, it seems to support an impression I've had for a long time: that the schools with the highest test scores also seem to have the students with the most support at home, the most means, and the highest level of parental education. We moved here from NC (lowest $ per student in the country) where my son attended a STEM magnet school (also a neighborhood school), in a poor area of the city, with a big range in student abilities between the top and bottom groups. He took Highly Academically Gifted classes and thrived, despite a learning disability and ADHD. Here, he has gone from gifted to regular classes and is still struggling. During IEP meetings, I have been told I can't get some of the accommodations he's had before and I feel he needs because they "can't tell teachers how to teach" (BTW: I'm a special education teacher, so I know a little about his needs). It's a great school for specific types of learners, but if your child needs differentiated instruction, go somewhere else.

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    September 17, 2012

    I have been involved with TCMS for three years. I think there are some amazing teachers and some not so great teachers, as in any school. My biggest gripe about the school is the administration. They are in it for themselves. When the first principal was there, the school was amazing. Since they changed the administration a few years ago, the school has gone down hill. Everyone seems to have an agenda to move their career up the ladder, not put the kids first and make the best environment for the students. In almost 24 years of having students in this county, this is the first school I've really thought poorly of the administration. I think it's a sad place to send your kids to when they are just numbers to make someone's resume look good. I would think schools in Richmond City would be better for my children.

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    March 14, 2012

    The teachers are great, but the administrators are completely ridiculous and only go by the book. My son's friend was suspended for ten days for accidentally running into one of the administrators, and it was put on his permanent record. I'm certain if he had bumped into another student no one would notice, but bumping into a school official? Ten days suspension. Middle School administrators should not act out of anger like that.

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    January 23, 2012

    My son's class was the first class to attend all three years at TCMS. He was in the gifted honors cluster and found the course work challenging. Overall, he had a teriffic middle school experience. I have three more children attending in the fall and hope their time at TCMS equals or exceeds that of my firstborn. I do not have any experience with the new principal, but I'm sure he'll be wonderful as well. This school is worthy of 5 stars and we feel very blessed to be included in it's zoning district.

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    October 24, 2011

    Everyone here seems to love band, but I'm in the Chorus program and love it so much! We have an amazing teacher who pushes us but doesn't over work us. Every year we go to a Choral Festival, which involves choral groups from all over the area. They rate you 1-5 in many different categories. Last year, all 6 groups got 1's!

    September 30, 2011

    My daughter attended TCMS for 2 years and had a very positive experience. The teaching caliber far exceeded our expectations and she was encouraged to reach her full potential. I actually found the level of discipline refreshing. Many schools are afraid to discipline kids these days and I was very pleased to see that this school sets high standards and expectations and sticks to them.

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    July 29, 2011

    My child attended all 3 years at TCMS. I was very pleased with the proactive approach to bullying. I was also pleased how the school handled disruptive children in the classroom. The teachers are outstanding! My child excelled each year at TCMS. As for the review about the teachers coming from elementary school, that parent needs to get more information about the school. Several of the teachers came from the gifted program out of Manchester Middle and many were High School teachers that choose to come and teach at TCMS. What a wonderful group of teachers that care about education! My child is ready and equipped for high school, academically and socially because of her experience at TCMS! We hope the new administration will continue the path of the first.

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    March 25, 2011

    TCMS is a great middle school. Come see for yourself! The administration and teachers care about providing the best education for the students and do a great job. The people who post bad reviews are only upset because their children got caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. Take responsibility for your actions and teach your children how to do the same!

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    February 8, 2011

    This school needs to be shut down! Do They have any idea how to deal with children of this age? Not only because of my grandson but for of other children Who has been mistreated and unfairly punished I'm sorry but we really need to look into this problem

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    October 30, 2009

    This is an excellent school. We re-located from Atlanta, where we did not have a positive middle school experience. My son is challenged and is excelling. He has been given opportunities to advance to honors programs and participates in sports. He is positive for the first time in his school career.

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    August 28, 2009

    My child attended 7th grade at TCMS last year and it was a terrible year for us. The teachers were pulled from Elem Schools so were not prepared for this age group. The Administrators were ridiculously to the book. They had no minds of thier own, simply followed policies like robots, no individual or independent thinking. I hope there will be some changes going forward.

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